Project Management

To ensure a fully integrated and standardised approach Paradigm Engineers utilises the IFS World ERP Software package. IFS is a fully integrated and comprehensive package which consists of Contract Management, Correspondence and Document Management, Accounting and HR, HSE, Procurement, Project Management and Time Registration.

Quality Assurance

Paradigm Engineers uses a Quality Management system in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems which:

  • Ensures that all work is carried out in accordance with our quality assurance procedures.
  • Ensures all employees undergo Quality Awareness training.
  • Invites and encourages feedback from our employees and clients, directed towards continuous quality improvement.
  • Involves continuous review and improvement to our quality management system and procedures.

Health, Safety and Environment

One of our key business objectives is delivering excellence in all organisational aspects of Health, Safety and Environment, based on the Paradigm Engineers’ core value of eliminating harm at the workplace.

The integration of health and safety within all aspects of our business is a central part of our operations. Our Safety Management system is implemented using the framework set out in AS/NZS 4801 Safety Management Systems. The management at Paradigm Engineers strives to have a people-safe work environment and believes no one should be harmed through our activities.

We are committed to the protection of the environment in all our activities and in our engineering designs. It is Paradigm Engineers’ policy that all work is carried out in compliance with statutory requirements, established company and client standards and our own safety and environmental principles.

Upholding Paradigm’s health, safety and environment values is the responsibility of every employee. Managers at all levels are held accountable, with key performance indicators regularly monitored to ensure continual improvement in performance.

By dealing with health, safety and the environment in an open and transparent manner, everyone at Paradigm is empowered to improve work methods, design solutions and safety and environmental outcomes.