Safety Auditing

Paradigm Engineers provides expert services in the area of plant and rail mounted stockyard machine safety auditing. This auditing covers two critical areas:

Control and Protective Device Audit (CAPD)

This is a complete assessment and test of all control and protective devices to prove that they operate as originally intended. The audits include functional and operational testing of the following devices:

  • Lock off stops
  • Limit switches
  • Anti-collision devices and systems
  • Tilt switches
  • Microwave sensors

Control System Software Audit

 This is a systematic review of the control system software installed on site to ensure modifications are implemented correctly, change management procedures have been followed and no ‘illegal’ overrides are installed.

In the case of balanced rail mounted stockyard machines, the control system auditing is an essential part of the owner’s statutory obligation to implement a system of checks and inspections to ensure that the machine achieves its projected life without structural failure. Completing scheduled audits will also help identify other areas of concern such as hazards, leaks, unusual wear or other areas that may require attention.

Paradigm Engineers is a specialty rail mounted machines engineering company and has over 15 personnel with extensive experience in the electrical and control aspects of machines and machine auditing. In addition Paradigm Engineers can also develop audit procedures and checklists tailored to the site and client’s specifications.

Safety Auditing Profile